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 Tech Day this spring will be held on Friday, March 8th from 9AM - 2PM.   

Tech Day is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on college visit experience for prospective students. You are invited to our campus in historic uptown Butte, Montana to experience a day of interactive laboratory breakout sessions, campus tours, and a chance to explore academic areas of interest. Check out each breakout option below. Students registering with a class or group must individually register for Tech Day and select three sessions to participate in. If two of the same sessions are selected, students will be placed into another available session. If an option is no longer available in the registration sheet, it is full. 

*This Spring Tech Day we will be offering an optional campus tour at 8:30AM. If you're planning to get here early, come check out our campus first thing in the morning. We will have coffee and breakfast items to wake you up so you can absorb just how beautiful our campus is!

*We will also be offering additional Residence Hall tours from 2:30PM - 3:30PM. If you would like to get inside our Residence Halls and check out the community areas, be sure to register on the sign-up sheet for a Residence Hall tour. 

Select from the following breakouts:

  • Business & Information Technology (BIT): Learn how to use Microsoft Power BI, one of the world's leading business intelligence apps, and win prizes playing BIT themed Jeopardy. 
  • Cadaver Dissection Lab: Witness and interact with human cadavers and participate in a hands-on dissection of various animal organs in or Cadaver Lab session. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about our Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Exercise & Health Science programs. Limited to 20 students. 
  • Chemistry: Join faculty as they run a chemistry of coloring metals, fluid art, and acidic patterns. Limited to 20 students. 
  • Computer Science/Software Engineering: Students will see how a classic game leads to discussion for more advanced games, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the ethical and moral dilemmas that can come from the AI applications. 
  • Electrical Engineering: Put your skills to the test as you learn binary code and program a robot to follow a line on the floor. Students interested in electrical engineering, robotics, and computer science are encouraged to join!
  • Environmental Engineering: Explore drone-based remote sensing data collection in water resources, engineering and mine waste remediation projects. 
  • Mathematical Sciences: Discover how building tensegrity models can be fun and learn how they can occur in nature alongside our Mathematical Sciences department. 
  • Metallurgical & Materials Engineering: Learn how materials can be manipulated with casting and thermite welding demos, and a steel forging competition.
  • Mining Engineering: Get to see what happens when chemical energy is released, and learn about the importance of safety in mining through a virtual reality (VR) experience. 
  • Nursing Simulation: The nursing department will demonstrate use of computerized mannequins that perform human functions to create a realistic clinical environment and give students an opportunity to explore a variety of healthcare scenarios. Limited to 30 students.  
  • Occupational Safety & Health: Explore the diverse world of Occupational Safety and Industrial Hygiene. OSH is a highly employable health science field with jobs in numerous industries worldwide. Limited to 20 students. 
  • Petroleum Engineering: Join the Petroleum department as they take a spin through our state-of-the-art laboratories with demonstrations. 
  • Highlands College Campus Tour: Interested in one of our associates or certificate programs? This tour will give you a peek into the incredible hands-on lab spaces at Highlands College. Attendees must have their own transportation to 25 Basin Creek Rd. 

*Parents and Guests will not be allowed into certain sessions, due to space limitations. They will be redirected to panels, tours, and other available sessions. 

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Due to space limitations, you may bring a maximum of two guests to Tech Day

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Highlands Campus tour begins at 1:30PM at 25 Basin Creek Rd

Residence Hall Tours

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